Communities and Corporations

Communities and Corporations

Communities and Corporations

Community Workshops


If you are looking for something entertaining and engaging for your community group then consider our community workshops. These workshops are suitable for special needs and senior care home participants. 


We offer two programmes:



A well researched and planned programme. This is an ideal programme for seniors that enjoy mental stimulation and caters for those that might have visual or hearing impairment and early stage dementia. It is also suitable for individuals with special educational needs or physical impairment.

In this workshop 'applied theatre' techniques are used to engage the group mentally and physically, using props and prompts that stimulate all the senses. For example, using smells and textures different exercises are used to spark the imagination and to prompt creative thinking. Sharing activities might involve the group retelling favourite stories or creating new ones. Drama based exercises involve working in pairs, small and whole groups and allows the participants to use communication, cognition and to exercise creative thinking and memory.

Stop Motion Animation

This is a great workshop for seniors who create their own models out of soft doe or similar and animate their characters in a story of their own making which is filmed, edited and uploaded onto You Tube. This is a very stimulating workshop and great for exercising fine motor skills, creative thinking, storytelling, language and communication. 



 Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are designed to enhance team building skills, customer service, improve working relationships, presentation skills and promote new ideas and quick thinking skills through DRAMA role play, improvisation and forum theatre techniques!

It's enjoyable, engaging and works!


For information on service fees, click the price list page above.

community workshops

STORYTELLING - Testimonials


''I thoroughly enjoyed it!''

                 Eileen Haswell, 2017.

''I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a unique experience.''

                 Alfred Smith, 2017. 

''You put so much work into it and we did appreciate and loved every minute...''

                  Jan Horn, 2017. 

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Drama Workshops