Schools and Childrens' Groups

Schools and Childrens' Groups

Schools and Childrens' Workshops


Shakespeare with Stage 


This workshop explores:

* The iambic pentameter

* Stage combat

* Script for performance and meaning

* Stage craft conventions

* Elizbethan theatre




Using a variety of stage craft games and techniques to develop spontaneous acting. This is a lot of fun!


















Props Workshops

Using props in different scenarios to create entertaining drama. 

* Party Package Allsorts

This is a mixture of drama games, improvisation, prop work, stage combat and script skills. 


Script Skills

Using a variety of scripts to develop how to direct and take direction as an actor and to develop a character with a variety of acting techniques.


Music and Dance


Musical Workshop: Easy to learn dance routines and songs in a fun musical style.  



"Thank you for the puppet making and showing session, the children couldn't stop talking about it afterwards.  So lovely to see them enjoying taking part and especially joining in with putting on a puppet show, it was great."



                                           March 2015

Stop Motion Animation

Children create their own models out of play doe or similar and animate their characters in a story of their own making which is filmed, edited and uploaded onto You Tube. Privacy settings can be arranged. 




This workshop explores:

* Acting with masks.

* Different masks and how they change       performance.

* Inspirations of Julie Taymor and The Lion King stage craft.

* The idiograph as a simple expression.

* Making a simple mask for stage.

* Integrated history of masks.

















This workshop explores:

* Different forms  of puppetry.

* Making a simple sock puppet.

* The actors body as one with the puppet.

* Single actor to team puppetry work.

* Puppeteer versus actor. 


Physical Theatre and Mime


Developing story telling and dramatic pieces through physical action and mime. This workshop includes elements of exercise techniques, mask and puppetry techniques. 


Poetry Devising and Performance

Exploring the poetry verse and prose using drama, physical textures, music, and percussion. Devising poetry in pairs and groups and sharing and learning ways to explore, create and perform poetry. 


Ann Harrison-Broninski, facilitates these poetry workshops jointly with Georgiana Neilson-Toy. 


See the CV tab above for more information.



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